My own WEB dev environment on GNU/Linux with LAMPP/XAMPP (1)

This is what I use in my daily basis work. It is not the TRUTH, but just a way of get job done. I'm sharing here in the hope it is useful for someone else. LAMPP/XAMPP Fedora (there are a lot of options out there, this is what I use right now) Keep in mind... Continue Reading →


mysql/MariaDb – Highway to sHell

I'm sharing here useful commands I use on my work. Why use command line? Why? If we have phpMyAdmin... Some adventages of use command line instead web access (if you are local or have ssh access): faster access to debug or error info avoid web timeouts avoid file size limit you can use it with... Continue Reading →

Debian mounts USB as read only (mounts it as root)

What? I installed Debian 8 and my USB mass storage becomes inaccessible. It was mounted as root, so my user (any user) has no rights to write it. I found a solution here: How? Ok, seems to be that fstab directives are mount USBs as root.... /dev/sdb1       /media/usb0     auto    rw,user,noauto  0       0 /dev/sdc1       /media/usb1    ... Continue Reading →

Unminify CSS file from command line

What? I have a CSS file minified. (it means all lines compressed just in one single line) I need it readable, so I can modify it. How? Using command line in GNU/Linux systems (and others)....using awk. cat styles.css | awk '{gsub(/{|;/,"&\n\t"); print}' | awk '{if(match($0,/[^\;]+}/)) {gsub(/}/,";\n&\n"); print}else{gsub(/}/,"\n&"); print}'} Just play with it! It may be... Continue Reading →

GNU/Linux – webcam too dark

What? I have a webcam connected to my PC through USB. When I use Google Hangouts (with Firefox) or Micro$oft Skype.... image is too dark to be useful. I need more brightness to image to be useful. How? Ok, my problem is that my webcam (Creative Technology, Ltd Live! Cam Notebook Pro [VF0250]) is handled... Continue Reading →

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