Contratar Internet Inalámbrica (WIFI)

"La empresa de Internet (ISP) me ofrece Internet Inalámbrica (WIFI) pero me cobra más"   ¿Pero qué es lo que nos ofrece la empresa de Internet (o ISP, por sus siglas en inglés Internet Service Provider)? En principio veamos cómo suele ser una conexión a Internet usualmente.El diagrama representa a Internet a la izquierda y... Continue Reading →


Debian mounts USB as read only (mounts it as root)

What? I installed Debian 8 and my USB mass storage becomes inaccessible. It was mounted as root, so my user (any user) has no rights to write it. I found a solution here: How? Ok, seems to be that fstab directives are mount USBs as root.... /dev/sdb1       /media/usb0     auto    rw,user,noauto  0       0 /dev/sdc1       /media/usb1    ... Continue Reading →

Unminify CSS file from command line

What? I have a CSS file minified. (it means all lines compressed just in one single line) I need it readable, so I can modify it. How? Using command line in GNU/Linux systems (and others)....using awk. cat styles.css | awk '{gsub(/{|;/,"&\n\t"); print}' | awk '{if(match($0,/[^\;]+}/)) {gsub(/}/,";\n&\n"); print}else{gsub(/}/,"\n&"); print}'} Just play with it! It may be... Continue Reading →

GNU/Linux – webcam too dark

What? I have a webcam connected to my PC through USB. When I use Google Hangouts (with Firefox) or Micro$oft Skype.... image is too dark to be useful. I need more brightness to image to be useful. How? Ok, my problem is that my webcam (Creative Technology, Ltd Live! Cam Notebook Pro [VF0250]) is handled... Continue Reading →

¿Qué es elementary OS?

Es un sistema operativo. Básicamente lo que hace funcionar tu computadora. La nueva generación de elementary OS se llama Luna. Es liviano y bello. Tiene muchas aplicaciones, una estética impecable y está pensado para el usuario. Pensado para ese usuario real, de todos los días. No para un aspecto, sino para ese que escucha música,... Continue Reading →

Creating a modal window at Blogger

After write my previous post (create a popup for Blogger), my client said: "I like your popup, but I'd love a modal window inside my blog". So I thought "why not".... and here it is.... What? Create a modal window for Blogger when the page loads. How? Go to your and edit your blog.... Continue Reading →

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